Q. How do I book a session?

A. Call or text Beth at 240-504-5091 or email her at, we won't book a session right away, we will simply book your in-person consult.

Q. How much is a session?

A. Sessions start at $300, but Beth has more than just a basic session and you will find that there is more to a boudoir session  than most other portraiture.

Q. I know you book up fast, is there a way to secure a date?

A. Of course! I will reserve a date and time on my calendar for your session with a signed contract and 50% non-refundable retainer. The session balance is due one day prior to the session.  No photographs will be ordered until the reveal session.  This makes it easier to spread out the investment for a singe session, so your spouse doesn't get suspicious about the gift.

Q. Do you provide hair and make-up or do I have to do it myself.

A. We have two session options, some choose to do their own hair and makeup, however, the team Beth works with is experienced in makeup application and hair styling for photography purposes.  Going out on the town for a special occasion is one thing, but photography for photoshoots is slightly different, so I highly recommend having my trusted beauty industry professionals be there for you.

Q. Do you provide the outfits or do I need to bring my own.

A. Sorry, but at this time, Beth does not offer any outfits. However, she does offer a lingerie guide that goes over everything you would need to know about lingerie.  Also, during our in-person boudoir session consult we can discuss the best outfits to wear and where to get them. This is something Beth is considering for the future.

Q. I've never done anything like this before, and I'm really nervous on how to pose, will you help me or do I need to bring a Pinterest board?

A. Beth absolutely LOVES Pinterest, but for inspiration really. In fact, check out her Pinterest profile and boards for even more inspiration. Beth has been to several workshops and seminars with industry leading boudoir photographers and after photographing over 100 happy ladies with even happier gift recipients, rest assured that you do not need any posing or modeling experience.  Her number one goal is to help you look amazing, feel amazing and exude amazing.

Q. I'm super nervous and would really feel better if my boyfriend/husband could come, is that ok?

A. Sure, he can come.  Just know that it could change the way you respond to Beth's directions and heck he may even want to jump and hold the reflector!

Q. Are you ok with me bringing along a girlfriend for moral support?

A. We love girlfriends and the supportive nature they give to us even in the best of times.  Please do bring your friend, but let them know that this is our show, and that Beth will be the one doing the directing, styling and posing and to hang back and let her do her thang.

Q. How much time does a session take?

A. Beth tells all ladies that sessions take a complete 4-5 hours depending on the session type.

Q. What is the turn around time from booking to print delivery? 

A. After your session, we will set a date that is one to two weeks out for the reveal, which is where you will order your prints, albums, and wall art. Our labs take 7-10 business days to delivery your art to the studio. Since Beth is usually booked 2-3 weeks out, it is safe to say that you should plan to have a session at least a month and a half or two before your special occasion.

Q. How should I arrive for my session.

A. In order for our beauty team to have its best palate, please come with clean dry hair that was washed the night before and has zero product styled in.  Also wear loose fitting clothing so that pants and bras do not leave marks on your skin.  Clean your face with face wash, but do not moisturize your face, the make-up artist here will do that for you.

Q. I know you have a studio, but will you come to my house?

A. Beth has photographed in the client's home in the past, it has made for some very beautiful photographs, however, some homes do not afford the best situation for the best results in the photograph. If you really feel that your home is the perfect place that you wish to be photographed, there is a travel/set-up fee of $250 to cover the additional time and expenses for a customized photoshoot location.

Q. I have some scaring that I am not fond of, do you retouch the photographs?

A. Beth has two beautiful children, but they gave her stretch marks, so she understands that photoshop is a necessity. She has never sold a single photograph that was not retouched. She even smooths out lines caused by clothing, whitens teeth, brightens eyes, and any other slight enhancements.  However, she will not make you look like you weigh less or do any drastic, unnatural changes in your appearance.

Q. What do most clients order?

A. Most of Beth's clients order an album of twenty images or more.

Q. How much can I expect to spend?

A. Most of our clients spend about $1,200 for the experience plus product purchase.

Q. How do I pick-up my order?

A. When your order is ready, Beth will inspect it for correctness and quality. You will then be contacted for a pick-up date/time.

Q. Do you post my photographs online or on social media?

A. Beth will only post images on my website and on social media that she has a signed a model release from and has been given permission from the client to do so.  Your privacy is very important.  Beth's model release has different options for sharing and not sharing her artwork with your image.