Here is just a simple taste of a full VIP boudoir session experience.

Your thinking to yourself, I am not sure that I can do this, but it looks so cool.  Boudoir photography is an experience.  Many that have come in front of Beth's lens always say that they are giving a gift, but it really is for them.  You take care of everyone, you are rock of the home and it is time to settle in and escape away even if it is just for a few hours into really feeling beautiful, desirable and sexy.

Your experience isn't one that can be planned over a phone call, so Beth asks that you come in to the studio, take a look around, meet her, and talk about how you really want to be photographed.  She will go over outfits, hair styles, make-up styles, types of collections, delivery options.  You really do not need to think of anything because Beth will take care of it all for your boudoir session.

You will be sent instructions on how to prepare for your session and then when you arrive, Beth will select the best outfits for the flow of the session while you are getting while the professional hair stylist and make-up artist enhance your features to be camera ready.

When the beauty team is all set and you are feeling great and rocking your first outfit, Beth will talk with you on how to pose, what to do, what not to do. Honestly it takes Beth and you a few minutes to get comfortable and settle in with the groove, but when it's set, it really does get awesome shots.  

Beth likes to show you what she is getting as she photographs to help ease your thoughts even more. The reason she loves it so much is because right as the photograph happens, the women say "oooooh", "oh my goodness, that's me", "I love it", "I'm so glad I did this", "Look how amazing I am".  That is the music to her ears because without even realizing it, they are boosting their own inner image and confidence themselves.