Hello, I'm Elizabeth, but my friends call me Beth...and so can you! 

WOW, This is MY Job.

I have found myself saying this since I started photographing this genre of photographic art at the request of an inspiring friend in 2014.  Why I am I so passionate about boudoir? Because I saw an immediate transformation in the level of self-worth a woman had for herself through looking at the images on the back of my camera. Women relax, they are at ease, they feel beautiful, they know and trust that I care for them. They exude beauty, sensuality, and sexy. It is my job to portray that and show them that which the rest of the world really sees. I want to show you the beauty you possess inside, give you a sense of pride (thank you Whitney, wink-wink).


After photographing a little over a hundred women in a most vulnerable state, I realized that we all suffer from some middle school ridicule. Someone along the way of your life has either said or is still saying something that rocks/ed your inner core of self worth and you believe(d) it.  Me and my team of highly qualified beauty industry professionals are here to rip that core belief away even if its only a couple of hours and give you an experience for your soul to cherish. Then you take home beautiful prints or an album to commemorate and look back on the day and re-experience the emotions that went through you that day.

So there you have it, my passion, your experience purpose -- like you really needed an excuse.


Just so you can goo goo gah gah over my adorable family!